Best Friends Animation - 2022

Short animation on original characters created on Rough Animator and Filmora.

I do not own any rights to the music used in this video it is an instrumental music box edit of "Freaks" by Surf Curse.

Created by Carel Kabamba

Bubble Animation - 2021

Bubble popping animation created on Toonboom Harmony.

Created by Carel Kabamba

Decisions - 2021

Decisions is a short documentary about where I'd be in life if I trusted every negative opinion in regards to me wanting to pursue the creative industry. I get anxious about my future at times, and overthink if I’d be better off listening to what other people have told me. As shown in the documentary, I believe I’d be filled with emptiness and regret. I still struggle to make my own decisions but want to remind myself and others through this film, that things are never a waste of time if it brings you joy in a world filled with a lot of darkness. 

Created by Carel Kabamba

My Thoughts - 2020

My Thoughts is a documentary about my anxiousness and overcoming it. I believe many creatives and people in general often think they aren't good enough because there is always someone else you can compare yourself to. I came to the conclusion that we are all unique in our own ways and we have to be content with who we are and what we have.

Created by Carel Kabamba

Black Culture - 2019

Black culture is a documentary filmed to understand how individuals can feel in touch with it in different ways. Black culture is a unity within our community that is expressed through food, dressing, hair, art, music, dances, and the way we speak etc. This documentary is featured in The Teens Talk

Created by Carel Kabamba

Sisterhood - 2019

Sisterhood is a documentary about women linked through their ethnic groups, passions, and beliefs. Sisterhood is a movement needed for women to be united; they must respect, empower and love one another instead of competing with each other, in order to create a future better for them and other women around the world.

I do not own any rights to the music used in this video it is an instrumental of "I Forgot To Be Your Lover" by William Bell.

Created by Carel Kabamba

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