Enchantée, you can call me Mademoiselle Carel. Allow me to introduce myself..

I am a young black creative. I really am a lover of art and this page is meant for me to express myself. In other words, I identify as a Congolese artist with an authentic style. I practice my love for art through drawing and painting, by portraying black figures, original characters and expressing my feelings. My only wish is for my art to leave a warm feeling within your hearts.

Thank you for stopping by and while you're here check out more of my content. I also like posting my art along with lifestyle on different platforms like my art page on Instagram, youtube channel and my tik tok

Melanin Coloring Book

I've created a 15 page coloring book with positive messages and overall celebrating black culture. This book is all about representation as it shows natural hair, protective styling like braids, hijabs, durags and so much more. It is available in the shop section of my website for $25 CAD.

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