Client Work

This page showcases my commissioned work for clients along with the services I offer. I specialize in social media content management, photography, digital art, and painting. If you are interested in commissioning me for part time or full time work feel to contact me at

Social Media Content Management

TalentEgg - Awards 2023

Video for the annual TalentEgg awards 2023. The video highlights the awards for soft skills. This was edited on Adobe Premiere Pro. 

I do not own any rights to the music used in this video it is an instrumental music box edit of "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang.

Created by Carel Kabamba

Charity Village -  Social Media Shorts 2023

Video for the Charity Village social media shorts. The client wanted a video to to showcase on their social media platforms as a preview to their podcast. This is one clip from a full podcast episode labelled, "Canadian Philanthropy : Time For A Shake Up?" In this episode, Charity Village recruits philanthropists to share their point of view and give them a platform to educate people. 

I enhance the video by adding text, graphics, transitions, music, the wavelength effect, and animations. Click here to view the page. This was edited on Adobe After Effects. 

Created by Carel Kabamba

Kenilworth - VPNextGen Social Media 2022

Kenilworth is a media mangament company that runs different campaigns. VPNext gen is a campaign specializing on the veterinary profession. 

As the social media strategist of this campaign, I created Instagram "reels" and TikTok videos to grow the platform. After publishing it, the video gained over 10,000 views and over 700 likes. Click here to view the page. This was edited on Filmora. 

Created by Carel Kabamba

Chris Jung Mortgage Solutions - Home Buying Process 2021

Video for the Chris Jung Mortgage Solutions YouTube channel. The client educates his audience with his professional experience. In this video he gives out tips and tricks, process it takes in purchasing a house. 

I enhance the video by adding filters, text, graphics, transitions, and music. This was edited on Filmora. 

Created by Carel Kabamba

Concrete Cardinal - Black Tech Companies 2021

Video for the Concrete Cardinal YouTube channel. The client wants a video to educate their audience on Black representation within Tech companies. This was edited on Filmora. 

Created by Carel Kabamba


YouTube Intros

This is a YouTube intro for Trell Funny the comedian and internet personality. 

To see the animated version check my art Instagram page under my commission highlights.

Digital Art


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